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What is the price of a HEUER stopwatch ?

What is the price/value of a vintage HEUER stopwatch? “. This is a question that is regularly asked on social networks (mainly instagram). Is it affordable to have a time history? YES, it is possible. It seems a bit strange considering the prices of HEUER mechanical watches and when you know how stopwatches made HEUER’s reputation.

The main thing to know is that HEUER vintage stopwatches are quoted approximately between 100 for a working 804X trackmaster (good condition without box) and 3000 /4000 € for a complete set of NOS (new old stock) “Montecarlo” or “Autovia” (the ultimate grail) dashboard stopwatches. Between these two values, there is a wide range of prices

It is a bit difficult to set the exact price for a HEUER stopwatch. With the exception of dashboard models and “abercrombie & fitch” models, there is no common informal international price range as there may be for wristwatches. If it is accepted that, for example, a Kentucky chronograph costs around €2000 (in 2022), a working 8042 trackmaster could be sold from €90 (and less if you spend a lot of time finding the perfect deal) to over €300 (which is overpriced).

Despite the difficulty of determining the exact price of a HEUER stopwatch, the following scale may give you a better idea :

  • economical classical stopwatches (plastic case trackmaster – clubmate … ) : around €100 to €300
  • 7 jewel pinlever stopwatches (trackstar) : around €200 to €500
  • microsplit 10XX : around €100 to €200
  • anchor-lever without rattrapante : around €150 to €500
  • rattrapante, windows minute stopwatches : around € 250 to €1000
  • wristwatch stopwatches : around € 300 to €800
  • advanced quartz stopwatches : €150 to €500
  • dashboard stopwatches : €1000 to €3000
  • “abercrombie & fitch” models : €1000 to €3000

As it was written just before, that’s a (very) large estimation of prices. Some details can change this hyerachie, making a one-button anchor-lever stopwatch more expensive than a rattrapante one.

  • Does the stopwatch have a box ?
  • Does the stopwatch come with a warranty booklet ?
  • Is the stopwatch rare ?
  • What is it special purpose stopwatch (rowing, medical) ?
  • Is it a special edition (specialy designed for a compagny, a state, a country) ?

To conclude, vintage HEUER stopwatches are still relatively affordable even though they were (and still are) important in the history of (Tag) HEUER. The price goes from about €100 to €3000. In the official catalogs, their price has not changed (including inflation) and was, at that time, not far from that of wristwatches.

Note that this page is published in june 2020 could have change.