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Stopwatch tag HEUER ref. 1035

Vintage Tag HEUER stopwatch ref. 1035-microsplit --- close-up shot (thumb picture) ---

A Multiline screen stopwatch featuring countdown, lap and split functions

The Tag HEUER ref. 1035 stopwatch belongs to a second generation of the microsplit 1000 serie released in approximately the mid 80’s. As seen in articles “HEUER and the electronic” and “interview with Jean Campiche“, improvements in solid-state technologies go faster and faster in the 70’s and 80’s and these electronic pocket timers (ref. 1011, 1015, 1035) come with a host of new features. They all share a programmable countdown and a two line LCD screen. The ref. 1035 uses this large display area to show the split and lap (taylor) times simultaneously as well as the number of laps.

Japan market edition

The model pictured is for for the japan market. A japananses user guide (still with the HEUER brand) is added to the regular one.

Technical informations



Full designation

Tag HEUER ref. 1035 – microsplit


  • countdown and classical timer modes reachable by pushing for three seconds the central blue pusher

classical timer functions

  • start/stop by the green right pusher
  • split/lap and reset by red left pusher

countdown timer functions

  • select the digit to set by red left pusher
  • set the selected digit by green right pusher
  • start/stop by the green right pusher
  • reset by red left pusher

Recorder and register

two lines liquid crystal display :

classical timer

  • lap time and number of laps on the first line
  • current time or split time on the second line
  • up to 09 hours / 59 mn / 59 sec. / 99 hundredth of sec


  • number of countdown repetitions and initial countdown timing on first line
  • current countdown timing on second line
  • up to 09 hours / 59 mn / 59 sec. / 90 hundredth of sec


mid 80’s


  • quartz
  • 1/100th of second


around 77 mm * 65 mm (without pusher)