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Stopwatch HEUER ref. 120

Vintage HEUER stopwatch ref. 120-microsplit --- close-up shot ---

A basic Richard Sapper “200 serie” timer

Started in 1973, collaboration between the german designer Richard Sapper and HEUER for the microsplit range, gives elegant electronical timer. They all share a a black and minimalist black case (most of the time in plastic) with few colored buttons. First Sapper’s models are red LED screen, like their predecessor the HL. 820 (see the ref. 430) in 1973. In the second part of the 70’s, HEUER changes LED screens for LCD, less battery consumer and easier to read when manipulated in daylight. Sapper creates smaller devices than the LED ones with a square LCD screen and large rectangular pushers at the top.

Timing devices using this case are usualy sold under references starting by the number “2”(230, 220 …) and in few catalogs, such timers are categorized in the sub-range “200 serie“. This model, maybe because it’s the most classical of this familly, is the only one having a reference number beginning with a “1”. Indeed, with a spit function, a 1/100th timing and quartz running at 32 khz, the ref. 120 offers the essential features of an electronic stopwatch from this period.

Few words about the pictured model

It’s always interesting to have informations about history of a timer. Here, the stamp on the back cover of the warranty booklet reveals it is originaly sold in Saint-Moritz in Switzerland in 1982, the year where Jack Heuer leaves the direction of the manufacture, taken over by Piaget. It’s a big milestone since it’s the first time the compagny is not headed by a member of the Heuer familly.

Technical informations



Full designation

HEUER-LEONIDAS ref. 120 – microsplit


  • start, stop and go on on by the top left pusher
  • split function and reset by the right pusher


  • 6 digits LED screen




  • electronical caliber


100mm * 40mm * 10mm