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Stopwatch HEUER ref. 413

Vintage HEUER stopwatch ref. 413-microsplit --- close-up shot ---

The decimal minute Sapper stopwatch

The ref. 413 is one of the first HEUER timers designed by Richard Sapper in the mid 70’s. While other Sapper models runs at 1/100th of second (by example the ref. 430), this one is a decimal 1/1000th of minute timing machine. It looks to be the first pocket HEUER electronic timer with a such unit. Like decimal minute mecanical stopwatch (by example the ref. 924 or 918) it is mostly used to time industrial processes (see also this article).

First mention of the ref. 413 is actually found in a 1976 catalog. It is released the same time as the ref. 430 and 420, successors (or maybe, just a renaming) of the very first Sapper devices, the ref. 530 and 520, marketed in 1974 and well known for becoming, this year, the smallest electronic timing devices at 1/100th of second (breaking a record already hold by HEUER).

Except this “exotic” timing unit, it shares with the ref. 420 and 430, the beautiful black case, the red LED screen and the split and taylor functions. An input for power supply is available on the lateral side.

Technical informations



Full designation

HEUER-LEONIDAS ref. HL 413 – microsplit


  • 1/1000th of minute time unit
  • mode selection (split / taylor) by top left selector
  • on (permanently display) – on (stand by display mod) – off by right side button
  • start and go on by right green button
  • stop by central red button
  • reset by pushing the red and green button at the same time
  • split action / lap timing (taylor) by the white right button


  • 6 digits LED screen


second part of the 70’s / early 80’s


  • electronical caliber


105mm * 57mm * 18mm