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Countdown timer HEUER ref. 750

Vintage HEUER stopwatch ref. 750 - microsplit lab timer --- close-up shot ---

A laboratory time device

Altought HEUER is famous for its sport sportwatches, vintage catalogs shows the diversity of applications of the manufacture’s production. A large part of the of the time devices released is specificaly designed for indutrial, medical or scientific purposes. Like the ref. 906 vis/300 sec, this ref. 750 belongs to the last category and find its place in a laboratory (as it is specified by the mention “Lab timer” on its front face). Its plastic case provides features to use it easily in a such environment. A build in hinged struc makes it easy to lay it on a workbench, and an incopored magnet allows to fix it on a vertical metalic surface.

A countdown timer

The ref. 750 is not a stopwatch. It’s a countdown timer, user can set up with the digital keyboard to time, by example, chemical reactions … or why not… cooking time.

Technical informations



Full designation

HEUER-LEONIDAS ref. 750 lab timer – microsplit


  • count down programmation by the keyboard
  • start by the left bottom button
  • stop and reset by the right bottom button
  • alarm when 0 reached


  • 4 digits LED screen


early 80’s – mid 80’s


  • electronical caliber


63mm * 58mm