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Interview with Jean Campiche


Interview with Jean Campiche --- with the centigraph le mans ---
visuel 1 : Jean Campiche and the Centigraph Le Mans

I’ve had an amazing life! I was passionate about all the things I was doing and I worked like crazy, in both motorcycling or during the decades in the timekeeping. HEUER (then Tag HEUER) gave me the opportunity to have a job directly linked to speed sports, including motor racing. Even if the mechanics were very important in motor racing, there was a real sporting spirit and I had some great human experiences. And it was a hight-technology discipline, with over 300 kilometres an hour racing cars. I’ve always been a speed enthusiast, demanding a high level of precision to be measured. This requirement led HEUER (and Tag HEUER) to design equipment embedding electronics and computing, two technologies having a tremendous boom from the 1970s. More generally, the post-war period was a great innovation period in many other fields: aviation, space exploration, car industry, etc.
Since the 2000s, there has obviously always been great progress. Look at smartphones, which are at least 100 times more powerful than the huge computers of the time. However, I have the feeling that the progress curve has slowed down. Perhaps the next revolution will come from artificial intelligence, which will replace us all!


Mr Jean Campiche for his welcome and his time for this interview

Mr Nicholas Biebuyck for organising the interview