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Collector interview : Tom

A. About Tom

1. You in few words

Could you describe you in few words ?

Interview with Tomas Nadr --- computer and design illustration ---
visual 1

I was born in 1981. My Name is Tomáš Nádr from Prague in the Czech Republic. I am co-owner of a creative CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) studio (Punctum Images). My job is a part of my passion and also a hobby. Our company uses cutting-edge technologies to create high-end still images, videos, and other content for marketing or communication. We changed the traditional camera for 3D and 2D software. That gives us absolute creative freedom. For instance, we are not limited by real-world limits when it comes to camera angles, lighting, or even weather.

We mainly work for clients from the automotive and horology fields, which is a kind of dream come true. It’s great to combine professional work and something I love.

A few years ago, we witnessed some watchmaking companies hiring automotive CGI artists. So we seized this wonderful opportunity. There are a lot of similarities in the process of creating visuals for cars and watches. Both industries are very demanding, and they accept only the highest quality. From a 3D point of view, both cars and watches are extremely complex objects that require advanced workflows.

With traditional methods, it might be almost impossible to get the result we want. For example, when our team does beauty shots of watches, it’s not unusual that they use more than 200 light sources to light every detail of a watch perfectly. Imagine doing this in a photo studio…

2. Your passions and hobbies

Aside from watchmaking, have your other interests/hobbies?

Interview with Tomas Nadr --- riding bike illustration ---
visual 2

I love to ride my bikes. I started when I was 15, and I still love it. I do a lot of road cycling nowadays but also enduro riding or even pump tracks. My roots are in downhill riding, but as I get older…

I’m lucky enough to have two beautiful boys (they are my greatest hobby), and I enjoy riding with them. The older one (6 year) is already a great buddy for bike parks 

I love skiing; that’s our family’s number one sport in the winter. And we used to do a lot of freediving with my wife before the kids. We will get back to it soon.

And I like to relax working in the garden. Building stuff from the wood.

3. Tom and watches

For how long have you been interested in watches/watchmaking in general ?

I’ve been interested in watches for years, always admiring the complexity of movements. The craftmanship is just amazing and unbelievable.

But I was still usure what to invest in, which one to buy. Finally, it’s my wife who gave me my first mechanical watch. It was six or seven years ago I guess.

Does Your preference go to mecanical, electronical, connected models ?

I used to use Apple watch but I found it bothering. A phone is enough for me. I don’t need anything whirling on my wrist constantly reminding something. I also tried combination of mechanical watch and a Fitbit, but I didn’t find fitness band much beneficial for me. I have a setup for regular training and a fitness band did not bring any extra value.

B. Tom and HEUER (Tag HEUER)

1. The beginning of a passion

For how long have you been interested in HEUER times devices ?

My father told me a year ago that he used to collect stopwatches as well. Obviously it’s something in our family

I remember when I was a kid I was always fascinated with stopwatches and I desperately wanted some. So when I grew up, I bought one and than second and than…

2. Relation with HEUER (Tag HEUER)

How did it start ?

My serious relationship with Tag HEUER and HEUER started with the Carrera watch my wife gave me. But it’s a brand I have always admired.

According to you, what is the biggest innovation HEUER (Tag HEUER) has ever made ?

Vintage HEUER stopwatch mikrograph --- picture by Tomáš Nádr ---
visual 3 : HEUER mikrograph stopwatch

The biggest innovation? To me, it’s the Mikrograph. The first stopwatch that was capable of measuring 1/100th of a second. I really love this stopwatch. It’s so satisfying to hold this stopwatch and listen to the high-frequency movement sound.

But Tag HEUER keeps innovating, and they unveil amazing pieces almost every year. It’s fascinating to see those high-horology pieces.

My fascination with the Mikrograph led to the launch of my second Instagram profile, 1hundredthofasec. But I haven’t been posting there for quite some time. I hope I will make some time and get back to it. The initial idea was to take a picture, write some texts, and have a post in five minutes. The reality is that I spend an hour taking a picture before I am happy with the result (and it’s still far from perfect). And then I spend another hour researching and diving into the details of the stopwatch  I love it and I need to get back to it . Also two little gangstas in the house made it a bit complicated.

3. Tom stopwatch collection

How many HEUER stopwatches have you  got in your collection ?

Today, I have app. 50 stopwatches.

Do you remember the first HEUER stopwatch you bought ?

major Halic, Czech biathlon main coach and HEUER 11.402 --- pictures by Tomáš Nádr ---
visual 4 : cezch biathlon team manager, former owner of the HEUER ref. 11.402

The first one was a beautiful jumbo chronograph Heuer ref. 11.402 HEUER. Is most likely the best you can have. There’s also a great story behind it. I bought it from the grandson of the manager of the Czech national biathlon team. He received that stopwatch as an award for the success of the team at the 1980 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

From the moment I bought this one, I started to explore deeper into the history of HEUER stopwatches. I started reading specialized websites like or, which helped me a lot.

What do you look at when you buy a vintage HEUER stopwatch ?

Now, when I spot a stopwatch, my first question is basically, « Do I like it ? ». If the answer is yes and I don’t already have it in my collection, I search for more information on it. Then I try to buy it. I always set my target price, and I try to keep it. If I am not successful, it means that that particular piece was not for me.

Today, some stopwatches are being offered for ridiculous prices. As an owner, I might say I am happy to see high prices. But my goal is not to sell my stopwatches to make money. I just like them and like to keep them.

What is your favorite one ? Why ?
I’m really happy with my latest purchase, a HEUER «John Glenn» ref. 2915A stopwatch. It was the first Swiss timepiece in space. It’s one of my favorite pieces because of the story.

What is your HEUER (Tag HEUER) grail stopwatch ?

My new holy grail today is a full-set ringmaster. It’s rarely on sale.

Vintage HEUER stopwatch ring-master --- picture by Smilodone ---
visual 5 : HEUER ring-master stopwatch

C. Brainstorming game

1. Reedition

What is the HEUER or Tag HEUER vintage device you would like to be re-edit ?

I don’t really know. I love new HEUER Carrera re-editions. Maybe a 39 mm model. 35 mm is too small, and 41 mm is too big; 39 mm is really perfect. By the way, my favorite watch is Tag Heuer Jack Heuer 40th anniversary Carrera. It’s perfect to me (and some say Jack Heuer said it’s the best Carrera he has ever seen)

2. Tag HEUER device of your dreams

If Tag HEUER had to developp a new measurement intrument from scratch, what would you except for ? 

It’s a great question. A mechanical stopwatchatch ?

At first glance, it does not make much sense since we have electronic devices and applications in our smartphones that are super precise. But still, mechanical stopwatches have their place in certain applications as backup timers.

But that won’t happen most likely. Traditional stopwatch might not be the sexiest object for people in R&D. And there are so many exciting watch complications that they can play with… They will surprise us again for sure.