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HEUER 1978 catalog


Below you’ll find scans of a vintage 1978 HEUER catalog in French. For sure this document will be a nice help to let your find informations about your timer. Have a good search !

About this catalog

It’s a vertical 34 pages catalog in a large vertical format, covering big range of HEUER 1978 timing devices . At the end of the 70’s, electronical materical in HEUER offer becomes more and more signifiant.
In 1978, to keep the lead on a hard conccurential electronics stopwatch market, the HEUER Microtechnic compagny (HMT) is created in a join-venture with the german “Eurosil GmbH”. HMT mission is producing electronical chipsets for LED and LCD stopwatches. Now HMT still exists and is an independant swiss compagny.
By this way, first timers showed are microsplits (page 8 and 9) with the new machine designed by Richard Sapper, and last pages, introduce advanced time keeping machines for high-level sport events timing or accurate industry measurements (centigraph, minitimer …).
Mecanical timers are still very important and feed most of the catalog pages (page 10 to 32), with a grawing pinlever timer section (page 28 to 32).

Vintage french 1978 HEUER catalog --- cover ---