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HEUER 1969 catalog


Here the scans of a complete vintage HEUER german catalog from 1969.

About this catalog

The 1969 (1968/1969) catalog looks to be one of the first to be edited in a large vertical format. Timers are the main HEUER products introduced in with three pages dedicated to the famous dashboard timers.
Chronographs are also present at the end with the carrera released few years before (in 1964), the camaro and the autovia. By the way 1969 is an important year in the HEUER chronograph history, since the calibre 11 movement is launched (in march). However new products (including the Monaca) are still not showed in this document.
For experimented collectors, advanced timekeeping machines are in the very last pages (Microtimer / Autograph).

Vintage german 1969 HEUER catalog --- cover---