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Heuer Stopwatch

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    I have a Heuer watch from the 70s, I think, which is for shooting. It is completely unused and still works perfectly today and is mechanical. Haven’t seen a single one online so I’m contacting you to see if you have any price information on it. Ref: 653.518


    Attached images and a video below.


    Best regards Julius


    Dear Julius,

    Thanks for your message.

    First time I have seen this wrist stopwatch  !!! Had luck to find it in one catalog ! You are right it is designed for sport shooting. Don’t know what is the rules of this sport. Guess there are 4 one minute steps and maybe you a 15 second delay to shoot.

    In attachment an extract of a 1978 catalog. It was probably produced in the 70’s or early 80’s.

    Here is the text translation : wrist timer for shooting. Long hand makes one rotation in 60 minutes and small one is a 0 – 4 minute register. Position 0 at -15 secondes (like in the picture). Start / stop / reset by the crown. Pin anchor 7 jewel movement. Shockprotected. Case in “Noryl”.

    Hope it can help you


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