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Stopwatch HEUER ref. 775.901

Stopwatch HEUER supersport ref. 775.901 --- close-up shot ---

An iconic 70’s wrist stopwatch

Ref. 775.901 supersport is a vintage 70’s and iconic HEUER wrist stopwatch.

It was mainly made for referees and sportsmen which confirms HEUER involvement  in sport timing. Large red command is easy to find when practicing a physical activity. The dial is also very clear.
Like most of wrist stopwatches, it was produced and marked in the 70’s and early 80’s. 1976 official catalog seems to be the first to reference this model (see However a 1/10 second recorder version ( ref. 775.901 M) is in the 1974 catalog. Note that few stopwatches were already available in mid 60’s.

Ref. 775.901 supersport has a waterproof case, a useful feature for outdoor activitiers, which should be quite new for HEUER stopwatches at this time, since no such water-resistant model is referenced in older catalogs. Very thick and rugged plastic case protects the caliber from liquid projections.

This specimen, not far from NOS condition has a red label, a nice detail quite difficult to find.

Technical informations



Full designation

HEUER-LEONIDAS ref. 775.901 – supersport


  • start and reset by large red button
  • go on by small right top button

Recorder and register

  • 1/5 second recorder (long orange hand makes one revolution in 60 seconds)
  • 0-60 minutes register (yellow hand makes one revolution in 60 minutes)


70’s (vintage stopwatch)


  • 7770
  • 7 jewels
  • unbreakable mainspring
  • antimagnetic
  • shockprotected


57 mm * 49 mm (without crown and buttons)