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Stopwatch HEUER ref. 408.417

Stopwatch HEUER tachymeter ref. 408.417 --- close-up shot ---

HEUER (and now Tag-HEUER) designs stopwatches for various purposes to help many professionals in their activities. Most famous are sport stopwatches and especially sport cars stopwatches. The ref. 408.417 is one of them. It’s a tachymeter with flyback function (which is activated by the right pusher). The outside redscale give the average speed to cover 1 kilometer or 1 mile. If the driver covers 1 kilometer in 30 seconds, it means its average speed was 120 km per hour. That’s a pretty trivial example, easy to calculate, but for other value, it gives instantly the speed without calculating.

Stopwatch HEUER tachymeter ref. 408.417 --- zoom tachymeter ---

Technical informations



Full designation

HEUER-LEONIDAS ref. 408.417 – tachymeter


  • start, stop and go on by top crown
  • instantaneous flyback to 0 and immediate restart, by right side button

Recorder and register

  • 1/5 second recorder with tachymeter graduation (long black hand makes one revolution in 60 seconds)
  • 0-30 minutes register (short black hand makes one revolution in 30 minutes)


70’s (vintage stopwatch)


  • 7700
  • 7 jewels
  • unbreakable mainspring
  • antimagnetic
  • shockprotected


58.5 mm without crown (jumbo stopwatch)