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Stopwatch HEUER ref. 8037

Vintage HEUER stopwatch ref. 8037 trackmaster (japan market edition) --- close-up shot ---

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The 8037 : the metalic version of the 8047

Was the first edition of the trackmaster stopwatches too funky ? Their super color rounded plastic cases match perfectly with the late 60’s and 70’s style but is quite unconventional for the watch market. In the second part of the 70’s HEUER launches new less expensive range of pinlever movement timers with classical case (trackmate, trackstar …). In the same time, the manufacture completes its trackmaster product range with metalic versions of the existing models.

The 8037 has the same technical features than the 8047. This 1/5s precision timer is powered by a one jewel pinlever movement. Like the 8047, a colored segment recoder is designed to help referee to time collective sport events.

A special packaging for the japanese market

The model showed here is for the japan market. Altought the timer itself has not special customisation, it’s coming with a beautiful and very elegant box. The format is larger than a regular box and the cardboard is stronger. A label with a picture of the model and a technical japanese text description is applied on the red embossed lid. Inside, the stopwatch is protected by a grey compacted foam.

Origin of this japanese packaging is quite unclear. Actually this packaging was only spotted with metal case trackmaster. HEUER special boxes are often the fact of watch sellers or importers like S.A.V.I.C which sold in France few HEUER timers in wooden boxes. So it could be similar with a HEUER devices japanese dealer. Of course other ways are possible (a special order made by a japanese compagny, a marketing strategy for trackmaster in Japan, an event celebration….). Any informations are welcome, so don’t hesitate to give your feeling about that question here !

Technical informations



Full designation

HEUER-LEONIDAS ref. 8037 – trackmaster


  • start and go on by top green crown
  • stop by left red side push pin
  • reset to 0 by right black side push pin

Recorder and register

  • 1/5em second recorder (long black hand makes one revolution in 60 seconds)
  • central 0-60 minute register (small hand makes one revolution in 60 minutes)


Lately 70’s / early 80’s


  • 8045
  • pinlever escapement
  • 1 jewels
  • shockprotected


53.5 mm without crown