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Stopwatch HEUER ref. 907

Vintage HEUER stopwatch ref. 907 (version S.A.V.I.C) --- close-up shot ---

The HEUER ref. 907 : the “all sports”‘s ancestor

Despite “foot” (soccer) was written on the box by the previous owners (see this picture), the ref. 907 [1] is designed to time many sports. Indeed , the large red 45 minute segments of the register could make think the ref. 907 is a specific soccer timer. However old official HEUER catalogs specificie it can be also used to time Basket-Ball, Hockey and other sports. Half-time of each sport is flagged by a red large number on the scale register [2] :

  • 20 minutes is a half time basketball [3]
  • 35 minutes is a half time hockey
  • 45 minutes is a half time soccer

From the very late 60’s, the ref. 907 was replaced by new referee timers with large central and very legible register (see the ref. 502.907). Some of this new stopwatches were then marketed under the “all-sports” label (or all sports time for referees). Small segmented register was not fully discarded, but used for other ranges of timers (like the trackmaster).

Dial variations

It also exists a US version to time other sports (rugby, Ice-Hockey) [2].
The dial of this model is the S.A.V.I.C version, exclusive for the french market (S.A.V.I.C is the HEUER importer for the french market). In addition to the compagny name and the “fab. suisse” mention, the register is a little bit different from the standart version, found in catalog [2].

Technical informations



Full designation

HEUER ref. 907 – S.A.V.I.C version


  • start stop and reset by top crown
  • pause and go on by left slider

Recorder and register

  • 1/5em second recorder (long hand makes one revolution in 60 seconds)
  • small 0-60 minute register (small hand makes one revolution in 30 minutes)


50’s / 60’s


  • 7 jewels
  • unbreakable mainspring
  • shockprotected


approximately  49 mm without crown

[1] reference 902 was printed on the box but this model is a ref. 907
[2] see onthedash
[3] see wikipedia