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Stopwatch HEUER ref. 593

Vintage HEUER-Leonidas stopwatch ref. 593 trackmate --- close-up shot ---

The ref. 593 : a trackmate timer

The HEUER ref. 593 stopwatch belongs to “trackmate” range, launched few years after the trackmaster line. Altough brightly colored plastic case were still used for “economical” stopwatches, the manufacturer came back to classical metallic case for the trackmate, as he did with the trackmaster 8032 and 8037.

Trackmate stopwatches were marketed from the late 70’s up to the early 80’s. As other economical timers they feature a simple but robust 1 jewel pinlever movement (here a “Baumgartner Frères movements” 410).

A Sportex stopwatch ?

The name “Sportex” engraved in the 410 caliber and the inside of the case cover is a little bit unusual. Sportex belonged to Leonidas and used pin-lever movements. It was bought by HEUER-Leonidas in 1970, as it was still the property of Charles Jeanneret, the shareholder of Leonidas (see [1] ). Sportex factory worked for HEUER-Leonidas but also produced stopwatches under its brand (see [2]) and, when Leonidas was an indepedant compagny, wristwatches were marketed as Sportex ones (see [3]).

Collectors : look the warranty booklet !

As you are reading this page, you should have interest in HEUER stopwatches and maybe you are looking for informations about yours. It’s always a pleasure to investigate on its timer history. The warranty booklet is sometimes a wonderful information source. Here, the one of the model reveals it was sold in 1981 in France in the city of Rennes.

Technical informations



Full designation

HEUER-LEONIDAS ref. 593 – Trackmate


  • start, stop and go on by crown
  • reset by left pusher (locked when the timer is running)

Recorder and register

  • 1/10em second recorder (long black hand makes one revolution in 30 seconds)
  • small 0-15 minute register (small hand makes one revolution in 15 minutes)




  • cal. 410
  • pinlever escapement
  • 1 jewels
  • shockprotected
  • antimagnetic


53mm without the crown

[1] “Jack Heuer times of my life” / /