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Stopwatch HEUER ref. 1000

Vintage HEUER-Leonidas stopwatch microsplit ref. 1000 --- close-up shot ---

The HEUER ref. 1000 : an “electronic swiss knife”

Since the 50’s, HEUER has invested a lot in the electronic technologies. From the “Slalom timer” in 1952 to the centigraph and the pocket microsplit stopwatches, HEUER electronic timing devices offers more and more features and accuracy in smaller machines. The Microsplit ref. 1000 is a compact and multi-functional electronical timer. It replaces ref. 1000 G and 1000 N, adding to their day/date and split functions an alarm, making it a real “electronic swiss knife” for professionals or amateurs. It can be set up with the two large central square pushers, making it easily recognizable.

Connected watches ancestor ?

Day and date were already available on previous devices (microsplit serie 200 by example), but alarm is quite new on a stopwatch. In the mid 80’s, other advanced electronical microsplit stopwatches, featuring new innovations, were launched : multiline screens, countdown, large memory… Pocket electronic stopwatches got started to be versatile and powerful tools. In a way, can the microsplit ref. 1000 and its “brothers” be regarded as the connected watches ancestor ?

One of the last HEUER branded reference

Currently, first mention of the microsplit 1000 has been found in the 1986 catalog, the first of the Tag HEUER era (as the previous commercial documents seem to present the 1000 N and 1000 G version). So it’s highly possible the microsplit is one of the last model released and branded by HEUER.

Technical informations



Full designation

HEUER-LEONIDAS ref. 1000- microsplit


  • start, stop and go on by right green side button
  • split time and reset to 0 by left red side button
  • switch mode by the left large central blue button
  • set up by the right large central blue button

Recorder and register

liquid crystal display


mid 80’s



1/100 second precision


approximately 71 mm height and 62 mm width