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Stopwatch HEUER ref. HL 820

Vintage HEUER-Leonidas stopwatch microsplit HL 820 --- close-up shot ---

The HL 820 revolution !

The stopwatch HEUER microsplit ref. HL 820 is the first 1/100em second precision pocket electronical timer ! A true revolution ! This model was launched in 1972, one years after HEUER started to work with Ferrari which was looking for hight precision and accurate time device. At this time HEUER was managed by Jack Heuer, a real sport amator and electronical engineer, who developped the a “electronic departement”.

The HL 820 is one of the first reference of the microsplit, the electronic range of pocket HEUER digital devices. It was made for professionnal and can be connected to external impulse sources devices (like photocells, starting gate, starting gun …). It features a “split mode” (to display an interval time) and a “taylor mode” (to time a lap) you can switch with a commutator.

LED screen is quite a curiosity and was quickly replaced by LCD screen, easier to read in a sunny environment and low battery consumer. LED screen is such energy hungry, that it had to be put on stand by while running (a small dot keeps flashing meaning the timer is running) ! Time is only displayed when a button is pushed again.

Technical informations


HL 820

Full designation

HEUER-LEONIDAS ref. HL 820 – microsplit


  • mode switching (split / taylor) by top right button
  • on-off by right side button
  • start and go on by right green key
  • stop by left red key
  • reset by pushing the red and green key at the same time
  • display time / split action / lap timing (taylor) by the white central key


  • 6 digits LED screen


around 1973/74


  • electronical caliber


115mm * 71mm * 36mm